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People have lived in this region for a long time and will continue to live in the beautiful Ryukyu Islands forever.

For this reason, we need to decrease the negative impact
of people on the environment, as much as possible.

We need to plan housing as well as, cities and towns which account for local environmental conditions and use local resources.

The Ryukyu Islands are the only place in Japan with
sub-tropical, marine environmental conditions.
Because of this the traditional building style was
developed for hot and humid weather.

Unfortunately, there has been very little research on the Ryukyu Islandʼs architecture and town design related to the local environmental conditions.

Furthermore, one third of the worldʼs population lives in
hot, humid, Asian climates. There is concern that in the
future these areas will have an explosive need for energy.

We are striving to include these considerations
in our research and planning.

For example, low energy use and lowering
C02 emissions are important factors.

We hope to contribute to the development of the local environment and influence local architects and the consciousness of the Okinawan people.

Our purpose is to promote the development of more environmentally friendlyplanning techniques which will foster lower CO2 emitting societies in Japan and Asia.